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Corn Pops

Corn Pops

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Corn pops

Fresh American corn blended with vegetables and organic spices with crunchy coating served with home made dips



Portions / Grams

3 pcs per box

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Srika Corn pops is one of the fast moving favorite for people looking for easy to cook immediate pack to plate snacking option.

Srika Corn pops is blend of immature sweet corn in its milky stage mixed with other vegetable and well balanced spices which is neither spicy nor bland but blends well with any dip / sauce while at the same time can be had neat with high tea. This unique snack of srika is favored by the young and the old for its crunchy case layer and balanced flavors packed with the goodness of vegetable fibers.

We at Srika believe Improvement is a continuous process and in our endeavor of bringing alive traditional food to the modern lifestyle the aspects of localizing flavors and food palate with innovative ideas is something that needs to be culminated and shared.

How to Cook

Step 1 : Thaw at room temperature (with the packaging) till it becomes soft or over night thaw under refrigeration.
Step 2 :Allow oil to heat up to nearing boiling point.
Step 3 : Place the pops in the oil frying spoon and gently lower it into the oil.
Step 4: Fry the pops slowly 2-3 times or maximum 30 sec till they are golden brown.
Step 5: Serve Hot and enjoy with dip of your choice !!

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