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Millet Dosa Mix

Millet Dosa Mix

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Millet Dosa Mix

Experience the joy of effortless cooking with Srika Millet Dosa Mix – your instant solution for crispy Dosas that are both quick and nutritious. Crafted with premium millets, this ready-to-cook mix ensures a delightful culinary experience with every bite.


Navane Millet, Raw Rice, Urdu Dhal, Bengal Gram, Toor Dhal, Fenugreek seeds.


Nutrient-Rich Millets: Enjoy dosas packed with the goodness of millets, offering essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Quick & Easy reparation:Srika Millet Dosa Mix allows you to whip up delicious dosas in no time, making it a perfect choice for busy mornings or evenings.

Crispy & Flavorful: Achieve the perfect texture and taste with each dosa, ensuring a delightful and satisfying meal experience.

Gluten-Free Option: Embrace a gluten-free dosa mix that caters to various dietary
preferences without compromising on the traditional taste.

Versatile & Crowd-Pleasing: Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Srika Millet Dosa Mix is versatile and sure to be a

How to Cook

Step 1 : Take 250 grm of Srika Millet Dosa Mix with 350 ml of water and mix well. Add 2 tsp of curd. Add salt to your convenience.

Step 2 : Heat a non-stick dosa pan and smear a few spoons of Ghee / oil.
Add one ladle of batter on the pan and spread in round shape and add few drops of Ghee / oil and cook on medium flame 3-4 minutes.

Step 3 : Serve it Hot and Enjoy with your choice of chutney !!!

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