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Millet Healthy Mix

Millet Healthy Mix

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Millet porridge

Srika Millet Healthy Mix: Instant Nutrition for Vibrant living. Discover the convenience of wholesome nutrition with Srika Millet Healthy Mix – your instant solution for a nutritious and delicious meal. Crafted with premium millets, this ready-to-cook mix ensures a quick, tasty, and balanced dining experience.


Millets & Cereals 80% (Ragi, Bajra, Jowar, Navane, Red Rice) Pulses & Nuts 20% (Green Gram, Horse Gram, Nuts,..)


1. Nutrient-Rich Millets: Elevate your nutrition with millets, a powerhouse of essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
2. Quick & Easy Preparation: Srika Millet Healthy Mix allows you to prepare a nourishing meal in minutes, perfect for busy lifestyles.
3. Versatile & Balanced: This mix is a versatile addition to your diet, offering a balanced blend of millets and other wholesome ingredients for overall wellness.
4. Gluten-Free & Tasty: Enjoy a gluten-free option without compromising on taste, catering to various dietary preferences.
5. Energy-Boosting: The nutrient-packed mix provides sustained energy, making it an ideal choice for breakfast or a quick anytime meal.

How to Cook

Step 1 : Take 2 spoons of Srika Millet Healthy Mix in a bowl and mix in 150 ml of water without any lumps.

Step 2 : Place on Stove and cook for 5-10 minutes, keep stirring to avoid lumps.

Step 3 : Add additional water or milk (better taste) as per your desired consistency.

Step 4 : Add Salt or Jaggery according to taste. Serve Hot and Enjoy!!

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