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  • Mota chicken

    🔴A spicy and mouth-watering dish. Pieces : 1
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  • Navane Chakli Muruku

    🟢One of the healthy millet snacks. This Navane Chalki Muruku is ready to eat. Traditional…
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  • Navane Millet Pops

    🟢Millet can pop like popcorn. Are you looking to try out some readymade millet pops?…
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  • Navane Pongal

    🟢Bringing our grandma’s recipe of healthy, traditional grains to your table.
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  • Peri Peri Chicken

    🔴Our most acclaimed and desired product where the tenderness of boneless chicken marinated with peri…
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  • Peri Peri Paneer

    🟢Juicy soft tender homemade paneer marinated with peri peri seasoning and grilled to give crispy…
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  • Ragi Breakfast Cereals

    🟢As the awareness about gluten-free grains is increasing, more and more, everyone is looking for…
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  • Ragi Upma

    🟢Bringing our grandma’s recipe of healthy, traditional grains on your table.
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  • Rice Pongal

    🟢Ven Pongal or Khara Pongal laced with the wonderful flavors of aromatic spices.
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  • Udhalu Millet Pops

    🟢Shop at Srika for the best Udhalu Millet Pops. We use natural and unpolished Millets.…
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  • Upma

    🟢Enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast at the tip of your fingers.
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