About Us

What is Srika ?

Srika is an innovative brand offering nutritious traditional food with indo- continental flavours and wellness products .

We aim at offering nutritious and tasty food which offers convenience and ease of cooking a package instant Noodles. In other words traditional food made available for modern lifestyle which is “cost effective, easy to cook n serve wholesome INSTANT meal”.

Srika ‘Ready to Cook’ products are processed using modern techniques and has all necessary flavours added which makes it PACKET to PAN and to PLATE without facing the ordeal of any other process, though additional local vegetables or flavours can be added in your kitchen for providing additional nutritional security to you and your family . The turnaround time from packet to serving is achieved in few minutes there by meeting the criteria of instant food on demand.

Our foundation..

Vision : To be a global name by providing healthy food at affordable prices meeting international quality and taste standards.

Mission : To sell food at fair price using only quality ingredients and the right ethical processes keeping health and nutrition aspects in mind. Sustaining these objectives we shall ensure profitability, growth and community service.

What we have banned..

  • Preservatives
  • Artificial colour
  • MSG
  • Chemicals
  • Artificial taste enhancers