Cheese Pops

 Srika Cheese Pops

Cheese a wonder dairy product enthralling everyone's taste bud across the world with its unique flavors and used in various diet creativity.

We at Srika understand this craving for cheese and have blended it with exotic vegetables and a crunchy coating, which when flash fried in oil for just few minutes you get to bite onto a round pop with a crispy crunchy layer filled with cheese lava which just melts in your mouth along with crumbs of exotic vegetable to chew.

This unique combination of flavors and feeling in mouth leaves you wanting for more. Srika cheese pops with its indo continental flavors is an ideal anytime snacking option irrespective of age, demography or ethnicity of the person.

Portions: 6 pcs

How to cook: 

Step 1 : Thaw at room temperature (with the packaging) till it becomes soft or over night thaw under refrigeration

Step 2 : Allow oil to heat up to  nearing boiling point.

Step 3 : Place the pops in the oil frying spoon and gently lower it into the oil.

Step 4: Flash fry the pops 2-3 times or maximum 30 sec till they are golden brown. Avoid over frying to ensure cheese does not melt out.

Step 5: Serve Hot and enjoy with dip of your choice !!

Video showing how to cook Cheese Pops